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Unforgettable Hen’s Nights in Sydney

Wildboy’s Afloat offers you the ultimate opportunity to create unforgettable experiences for a Hen’s Night in Sydney. Give the bride-to-be a perfect final bash or wild party that blends the sophisticated services, excitement of performances, and fun of adult entertainment.

We are here to help you curate a perfect entourage that offers a night of glamour, entertainment and much more in a single package. If you want to turn the Bachelorette or Hen’s Night into the perfect highlight of your life and treasure trove of stories, Wildboy’s Afloat is here to assist.

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    Why Choose Wildboy’s Afloat For Your Hen's Night?

    At Wildboy’s Afloat, we have served the adult entertainment industry for several years. Each year has helped us learn something new and improve further. The accumulation of newfound skills and capabilities has allowed us to provide diverse packages and exciting services. There is something for everyone.

    Here are a few of the many reasons that make us a great choice for a Sydney Hen’s Night:

    Appealing With Diversity

    At Wildboy’s Afloat, we work on expanding our staff to have the utmost diversity and variety that can cater to universal preferences and tastes. The packages also work under compliance to fulfil such requirements.

    We can provide proper services that match any Hen’s Night’s theme. You can expect her to request dinner parties, casual parties, and even adventurous nights. Our aim is to fulfil the unique vision of the bride-to-be.

    A Bespoke Brilliance

    Apart from a diverse range of packages, we also assist in customisation. You can tailor your Hen’s Nights party and experience according to your expectations. We are here to strive and deliver perfection. Feel free to select themes, activities, games, and other entertainment according to your needs.

    Personalise the complete experience as we also offer event planners and organisers. You can consult with us and even if you don’t have a specific idea, we can help you shuffle through the best options.

    Exclusive And Stunning Venues

    With Wildboy’s Afloat, you can expect to gain access to the most exclusive and top-tier venues available throughout Australia, especially in Sydney. We primarily cater to offer a cruise experience, but if you prefer other locations, we can provide our licensed and qualified professionals. From most fine dine restaurants to cosy lounges, we can help you organise Hen’s Night across Sydney.

    A Professional Coordination

    We aren’t here just to supply you with a team of male strippers, or topless waiters in Sydney for Hen’s Night. At Wildboy’s Afloat, we believe in quality services for our customers. Therefore, we provide you with the complete details of performances and team members included.

    You can hire us to assist you in completing event organisation and to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

    Complete Transportation Coordination

    We also work with a different range of transportation services. If you seek a Hen’s Night Cruise and other services, we can help you plan and achieve it. With us, you can travel in style and even organise party buses and other similar activities with ease.

    Wildboy’s Afloat Is Here To Make A Difference

    At Wildboy’s Afloat, we aim to provide exceptional customer service to our clients. Utmost discretion and privacy is maintained in all kinds of occasions and celebrations. You can receive customer-centric services that are designed to provide an unparalleled experience and satisfaction.

    Feel free to make any query, and we are here to take care of it. Moreover, we pay attention to all forms of details to ensure your utmost comfort.

    Get Flexible Bookings With Us

    Pre-plan the best night of your life – the Hen’s Night – with our assistance. At Wildboy’s Afloat, we assist you in customising the packages and also ensuring that you receive top-tier assistance. Different packages and custom options are available for you.

    We Prefer Honesty

    At Wildboy’s Afloat, we aim to be honest and transparent with you. There are no hidden fees or extra charges. You can decide the duration of the services you require, the acts, performances, music and more. You can expect everything adhering to your expectations and standards.

    Contact Us for Your Dream Hen's Night

    So get ready to plan the night of the bride’s life with the top-grade services, unparalleled experience and impeccable performances of a lifetime with Wildboy’s Afloat. Contact us today, and let’s discuss the ideas, themes, and plans to make the most out of the bride’s special day.

    We provide customised plans and packages alongside the proper organisation team if you need help creating a night to remember. Make your Hen’s Night in Sydney, Australia, an unforgettable experience. Contact us today!

    FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

    What Is A Hen's Party?

    A Hen’s Party is a popular term used to describe a Bachelorette Party in Australia. Hen’s Party is also known as Hen’s Nights. All these events are the celebration organised for the bridge-to-be by her close friends. Many consider it the last wild party before the bride gets married.

    When Should I Plan A Hen's Party?

    Hen’s Party should be organised at least a month before the wedding for the bride to avoid any unnecessary delays and troubles. However, there’s no real-time limit as many people tend to organise it a few days before the wedding. The weekend is usually the perfect time for Hen’s Cruise.

    Who Organizes The Hen's Party?

    The Bridesmaid or closest friends and siblings of the bride are responsible for organising the Hen’s Party, as it is just another name for the Bachelorette party. A bride can also choose to organise a party by herself.

    What Activities Can Be Included In A Hen's Party?

    A hen party can include any kind of celebration like fine dining, cocktails, spa, dance, or anything else. Cruise Hen’s Party with strippers or topless waiters can further turn up the heat, especially with the performers. Remember, everyone expects adult entertainment during Hen’s Party.

    Is There A Specific Dress Code For A Hen's Party?

    There’s no specific dress code as it depends on the organiser for the party and the theme of the Hen’s Party. Usually, strippers or topless waiters might have a specific dress code to follow. If you want, you can establish a dress code for the party.

    Meet The Wildboys

    Many women and men have experienced incredible fun aboard our wild cruises. Read more about what they have to say.


    Perform like the magnetic energy from the moon, I like to be surrounded by beauty

    • Height: 5.1
    • Eye Colour: Hazel
    • Hair: Dark
    • Star Sign: Cancer


    Energetic and charismatic by nature! Loves to performer and entertain!

    • Height: 5.8
    • Eye Colour: Blue
    • Hair: Blonde
    • Star Sign: Taurus


    Like I enjoy high Vibbing energies that can capture my imagination

    • Height: 6.2
    • Eye Colour: Blue
    • Hair: Brown
    • Star Sign: Cancer

    Paul Combs

    I love getting deep into a conversation that lights up the room

    • Height: 5.11
    • Eye Colour: Blue
    • Hair: Brown
    • Star Sign: Aries