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Welcome to Wilboy’s Afloat! We are your destination for adult entertainment with utmost professionalism. Hire Male Strippers that will enhance your experience, whether it is a birthday party or an exclusive event to celebrate a milestone or achievement.

We are delighted to become your number-one hub to provide top male strippers in Sydney. Come and explore our wide spectrum of speciality, inclusivity, and diversity in the world of male strippers:

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    Wildboy’s Afloat Years Of Excellence

    Wildboy’s Afloat stands among the top-tier companies that offer you a wide range of male stripping services. We have worked throughout the years to continually enhance our quality of services. Our customer-centric approach enables us to customise and personalise the experience to provide you with cherishable moments. With an aim to cater to your unique preferences, we consistently amplify an enriched adult entertainment experience.

    We keep clean and courteous services that we have accumulated a reputation for. With years of experience and our impeccable commitment to quality and entertainment, you can expect Wildboy’s Afloat to spearhead the new era of male stripping services in Sydney.

    A Diverse Performance Profile

    Performance is the core of any stripping service, as it is meant to be engaging and entertaining. Our male strippers in Sydney undergo a rigorous training regime and performance practices to offer you the best performance possible. We don’t offer just strippers, but artisans. Our strippers are artists who work on performance, theatrics, experiences, and much more.

    By engaging with the audience, you can expect top-class solo acts and group shows that will stand the test of time and create an exciting ambience. There is a wide range of costumes available that enables us to provide male stripping services for diverse themes.

    Customise Your Male Strippers Experience

    Wildboy’s Afloat puts extensive efforts and resources into pleasing you with the most appealing themes and costumes. Therefore, we have worked on integrating the best professionals who can work with custom requests and packages. We take pride in serving you to the best of our capabilities until you’re content.

    We bring you hand-tailored performances. Which means that each performance and event is different from each other. There’s no similarity to preserve the exclusivity you feel when you hire us. Moreover, we put effort into providing proper performances for the right occasions. You can hire us for birthdays, Hen’s nights, Bachelorette’s parties, milestones, achievements, and other special occasions.

    Hire Professional Male Strippers In Sydney

    Our male strippers in Sydney are quite flexible in adapting to various songs and musical requirements. These are possible due to the skill acquisition of our male strippers. With years of experience and wisdom, each of our strippers is trained in the best arts of performances, dance, engagement, and activities.

    You can also expect the most exotic of performances, where we don’t have to go completely nude. That’s right! Enjoy the wonders of the G-strings and more with us. Our objective is to turn the male strippers in Sydney into a highly sought-after and appealing venture for more people to acknowledge the exotic art.

    Diversity At Wildboy’s Afloat

    At Wildboy’s Afloat, we are highly committed to offering top-grade satisfaction. We take your reviews and feedback seriously to work on them and provide a wider spectrum of activities and performances. Moreover, we are a highly inclusive enterprise.

    Our male strippers originate from various backgrounds and ethnicities. They all possess unique skills, attributes and traits which distinguish them. Their unique talents and personalities will keep you and your guests engaged and interested.

    At Wildboy’s Afloat, we firmly believe that there’s no specific stereotype, standard, or definition that could describe male stripping endeavours. And we are here to offer you a holistic experience.

    Hire Male Strippers In Sydney Today

    Finding the right male stripping service provider, and then a male stripper can be quite a hectic task. Moreover, there’s an entire booking process, slot availability, and many other obstacles to overcome. At Wildboy’s Afloat, we aim to streamline your booking process for male strippers in Sydney.

    We offer a straightforward approach where you can contact us and we will consult your requirements. After that, we work on curating an exclusive package of services for you. It enables you to have the most exotic and intimate male stripper in Sydney experience.

    Feel free to contact us anytime and get the best insights and offers on a wide range of male stripping services in Sydney.

    Privacy And Professionalism At Wildboy’s Afloat

    Wildboy’s Afloat acknowledges the importance of privacy and discretion while you’re hiring male strippers in Sydney. While it is growing into a popular trend and an exotic attraction in many events, there is still room for acceptance and improvements.

    Our male strippers can interact with anyone, and you’re free to get professional photographs, bio, and other details. But our strippers won’t provide these details or engage if you don’t want them to. It all comes down to the package you decide with us.

    Moreover, our male strippers are highly trained in etiquette and professionalism. Their job is to provide a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for different guests. They maintain optimum professionalism and are well-versed in picking up various cues of the guests to act accordingly.

    FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

    Can You Hire Male Strippers Sydney For A Hen’s Party?

    Wildboy’s Afloat takes pride in offering the best male strippers for Hen’s Nights and Bachelorette Party. We also offer male strippers for milestone birthdays and other special events. All you need to do is contact us for more information.

    Is It Possible To Hire Male Strippers in Sydney For A Bachelor’s Party?

    Wildboy’s Afloat takes a gay-friendly approach to everything. Therefore, if you’re looking to hire male strippers for a bachelor or bachelorette party, you can be assured of receiving top-grade services and experience without any problem.

    Is Wildboy’s Afloat LGBTQ+?

    We believe in the diversity and inclusivity that come with the modern male stripping and adult entertainment industry. With our forward-thinking approach and fluidity, you can expect us to be gay, or queer-friendly. We don’t believe in discrimination, and we work on creating a comfort zone for people from all walks of life.

    Are There Custom Plans And Bookings Available At Wildboy’s Afloat?

    We are available for any consultation and customisation that you might require. However, there are many pre-existing packages available for you to choose from. If you still seek to customise with specific themes and costumes, we are available for discussion.

    Meet The Wildboys

    Many women and men have experienced incredible fun aboard our wild cruises. Read more about what they have to say.


    Perform like the magnetic energy from the moon, I like to be surrounded by beauty

    • Height: 5.1
    • Eye Colour: Hazel
    • Hair: Dark
    • Star Sign: Cancer


    Energetic and charismatic by nature! Loves to performer and entertain!

    • Height: 5.8
    • Eye Colour: Blue
    • Hair: Blonde
    • Star Sign: Taurus


    Like I enjoy high Vibbing energies that can capture my imagination

    • Height: 6.2
    • Eye Colour: Blue
    • Hair: Brown
    • Star Sign: Cancer

    Paul Combs

    I love getting deep into a conversation that lights up the room

    • Height: 5.11
    • Eye Colour: Blue
    • Hair: Brown
    • Star Sign: Aries