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We Welcome You To The Hub For The Ultimate Hen's Nights Experience In Australia!

Becoming a bride is all about bidding goodbye to the single life and embracing a life full of commitment, family, and joint ventures with your husband. Before you enter into that domain, your single life and the adventures of the single life deserve a proper farewell. And farewell means a party.

For the ultimate Hen’s night experience, Wildboy’s Afloat can become the epitome of celebration and memories. Get ready to embrace the wild side of the Hen’s nights, cruising with your friends, being entertained by the strippers, topless waiters and more. Let’s create the memories of a lifetime!

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    Wildboy’s Afloat - The Hen's Nights Hub

    What is a Hen’s Night? It is the day in the life of a girl when her friends throw her a grand farewell party for her singlehood. Many people also call it the Bachelorette Party. In the end, it is all about forgetting about the future and the past. It is about embracing the present and creating memories.

    It is all about letting loose, going wild, and enjoying. And that’s why many Hen’s Nights tend to have Male Strippers and Topless Waiters. They aren’t there to be the objective of adult activities but to add a layer of exotic activities, teasing, and more. It is all about wild fun and cheekiness.

    That’s where Wildboy’s Afloat comes into the picture, as your gateway to the flamboyant exotica like no other. We are here to curate a perfect Hen’s Night experience for you that is full of glamour. We have teams dedicated to organising and planning the event, professional male strippers, exotic topless waiters, and more to enhance your experience of a lifetime.

    Why Choose Us For Your Hen's Night In Australia?

    Every person is unique and different in their own way. There are brides who would want to have a magical night for a bachelorette party. You will also find brides who seek a wild night of their life and even live out their favourite movies.

    Wildboy’s Afloat is here to help you make all these dreams come true for the themes, costumes, and setup. We are here to curate a unique experience for you and your friends. Let’s have a look:

    1. Receive Tailored Experience

    One size can never fit all, and that’s why we have put resources and effort with countless years of experience into bringing you a unique Hen’s Night. We can help you make the most whether you’re looking for Hen’s Night Dining, Hen’s Night Cruise, or Cocktail Parties for Hen’s Nights. Get the perfect adventure for your bachelorette getaway with our flexible styles.

    2. Get Professional Planners

    Planning a Hen’s Night by yourself can be an overwhelming task. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a bride-to-be or her friends. But with us by your side, most of your work will get streamlined. We provide consultation services and a team of party planners to help you curate a unique experience for the bride and her friends. It enables you to have a stress-free party while we take care of everything for you.

    3. A Dash Of Extravaganza

    Our performers are well-trained in handling different kinds of situations and requirements. You can expect a night to remember with music, dance, and performances. Even if you need male strippers for a Hen’s nights, we can provide you with a proper code of conduct and decorum. You will always be sure to receive healthy adult entertainment without the need to go overboard.

    4. List of Chic Venues

    A venue will set the tone of your Hen’s Night and bring the entire idea together. With Wildboy’s Afloat, you can find legal and compliant locations for the Hen’s Nights. Moreover, these are all posh and sophisticated options available from fine dine to cruising for you. Get everything you need with us.

    5. A Complete Package

    Moreover, you receive a complete package with tickets that include food, drinks and more. We are here to help you make the most out of a Hens Night with customisable services and packages. You can decide the number of guests, the kind of food, and catering services, all with us. Our aim is to help you with exquisite delicacies, cocktail mixes, and more.

    Create Your Own Hen's Night Packages

    We are here to make things simple for you, not complicated. As we provide you with planners and organisers, we also help you find the best packages for the price. Hen’s Nights don’t have to be too expensive or costly to be grand or luxurious. From limo rides to cruising the waters, you can get everything with us. Get the best performances from talented entertainers with us.

    Even if you seek a relaxing retreat, we are here to design the ideas for you. From spa-like options to rejuvenating treatments. Get the most intimate experience with your closest friends and make the perfect day today!

    Contact Us to Plan Your Dream Hen's Night

    So, get ready to partner up with us and turn your Hen’s Nights into an epic adventure full of wild celebrations and parties. Contact us today and begin your journey to throw the most legendary and memorable parties possible! We are here to help you out, so give us a call today!

    FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

    Can Men Attend Hen's Party?

    A Hen’s Party is generally a female-oriented event and celebration. However, we have gay-friendly and all-gender options available for you. So, you can go ahead and invite male friends or even have a joint bachelor party with the groom. We don’t mind.

    How Do I Ensure That Everyone Can Attend The Hen's Party?

    The best way is by discussing the available time slots and dates with the guests and choosing the option that best fits the majority of the attending guests. Make sure to arrange for the transportation and clearly communicate how one will reach the venue.

    Is There A Difference Between A Bridal Shower And Hen's Party?

    A bridal shower usually includes close family members and elders, where you shower the bride with the gifts. It varies in cultures and traditions. However, in Hen’s Party, you are basically throwing a Bachelorette Party where you can have fun, entertainment, strippers, booze and more.

    What Should Be An Ideal Budget For Hen's Party?

    The budget for the Hen’s party will depend on the events and performances you have planned. There are many budget-friendly options available, but if you truly want to throw a party of a lifetime, hiring strippers and waiters can turn into a grand event.

    What Can I Do If The Bride Has A Specific Preference For Hen's Party?

    Well, it is important to understand a bride’s preferences, likes & dislikes. It is essential to discuss the do’s and don’ts for the party to ensure smooth operations. Moreover, the Hen’s Party or Hen’s Night is all about the bride. You have to prioritise her and her preferences over everything else.

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