Male Strippers

Welcome to the immersive and enthralling world of male strippers at Wildboy’s Afloat. We are here to curate an experience of a lifetime for you. Get ready to embrace the perfect fusion of comfort and entertainment with our world-class professional male strippers. We cater to a wide range of parties and celebrations.

You can choose us for birthday parties, celebrations, a Hen’s Party, Bachelor or Bachelorette Parties, and many other celebrations. At Wildboy’s Afloat, we also provide customised packages and services for grand events and functions to add a layer of posh sophistication that intricately blends with cheeky fun and eccentricities.

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    Wildboy’s Afloat: A Commitment To Entertainment

    Wildboy’s Afloat is your ultimate hub for hiring male strippers in Sydney or Australia. We have offered flawless stripping services for countless years. With decades of collective experience and enriched services, we stand proud to offer the most exquisite and exotic male stripping services for hire. Get a hand-tailored experience for any party, celebration, or setup.

    Our commitment to quality ensures that you are satisfied in your indulgences for fun and entertainment. Wildboy’s Afloat is a hub for performers and artists where we celebrate male stripping as an art form, not just another service. Therefore, you can enjoy the most authentic experience available in the male stripper world.

    Male Stripper Services By Wildboy’s Afloat

    Our perception towards stripping services is that of an art form. Therefore, we have worked rigorously to find and add the most authentic stripper performance and experiences to our services. The diversity has enabled us to become well-versed in offering a wide range of services. You can expect:

    • A diverse range of performances.
    • Inclusive and interactive performances.
    • Solo Acts
    • Group Shows

    We blend dance, interaction, and performances together to create an intricate web of stripping services for your enjoyment.

    Variety of Themes & Costumes

    Our aim is to please our clients according to their preferences, tastes, and orientations. In such a business of adult entertainment, it is essential to continually explore and expand. Therefore, we offer a wide variety of costumes and theme-based performances, parties, and setups to ensure you get whatever you’re looking for.

    Customise Your Package

    We also present you with a unique opportunity to completely customise your experience. While we have pre-existing packages and options at Wildboy’s Afloat, if you require, we can completely customise your experience. You can consult with our professionals to create a custom theme and experience with services for you.

    Hire Skilled Performers

    At Wildoy’s Afloat, you will find male strippers who are confident in their art and proud to express themselves. They are highly trained professionals who continually practise to refine their art and bring only the best available experience in the male stripping industry. With customer satisfaction as our top priority, you can indulge in a flawless experience.

    Simplified Booking Experience

    As we have continually worked to provide customer-centric services, we like to simplify the booking process as well. You can contact us easily through the booking form to receive a clear consultation. If you have any specific requirements or expectations, we can work towards it together. Moreover, you will receive complete assistance in choosing the package or creating a custom venture, selecting the male strippers, and booking the venue with the time slot.

    Our Code of Conduct

    We are here to offer you a delightful experience that you can cherish for years to come. Hence, we maintain a top-notch code of conduct for our clients. Our male strippers also maintain it to offer the most comfortable and joyful experience to our clients.

    Moreover, we prioritise client privacy and discretion. If you want, you can hire professional photographers and videographers. However, if you don’t want them around, they won’t be added to the list of services. We also maintain the highest level of professionalism in such topics and require you to let us know if you expect such services.

    As we maintain a strict code of conduct to provide wholesome adult entertainment, we expect our clients to also maintain a respectful environment. Our male strippers won’t strip completely down to nothing. They offer services for fun and engagement, with a variety of activities, but we don’t deal in anything beyond that.

    We are committed to making your experience safe and enjoyable, where you can indulge in sensual and steamy performances without ever needing to cross any kind of boundary. Moreover, we also maintain decorum with our male strippers to only offer voluntary and consensual entertainment, nothing else.

    Enjoy A Diverse Palate of Male Strippers At Wildboy’s Afloat

    If you seek a diverse range of adult entertainment in the form of male strippers, topless waiters, and other similar services for Hen’s Nights, Birthday Parties, and more, we can be your ultimate hub.

    Our male strippers are diverse and come from a wide spectrum of ethnicities, cultures, and places. If you have a specific preference and type for the male strippers you wish to hire, you can consult with us and we will do our best to offer you the entertainment that you deserve.

    If you have any queries, seek quotes, or need a complete consultation, contact us anytime, and we will be more than delighted to assist you in your ventures to book the ultimate male stripper experience.

    FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

    Is It Legal To Hire Male Strippers In Australia?

    You can hire male strippers in Australia. It is a legal profession and adult entertainment, but it is pivotal to get accustomed to the regulations of the state and the territory. A few places and local laws might have different requirements and criteria for you to hire male strippers.

    What Kind Of Services Do Male Strippers Offer?

    Wildboy’s Afloat offers you male strippers who can perform and serve in different events like Hen’s Nights, Private Parties, and Birthday Parties. There is usually a choreographed dance, strip tease event, and engagement with the audience. You can add or remove these activities by consulting with us.

    Can I Hire Male Strippers To Perform At An All-Gender Party?

    We have a gay-friendly and LGBTQ+ supporting community. Hence, you can expect to hire male strippers for an all-gender party. But you will have to discuss it with us openly and not keep it a secret during the initial booking phase.

    Can I Request Specific Themes And Costumes From Your Male Strippers?

    You have complete customisation available for male strippers at Wildboy’s Afloat. You can choose music, theme, costumes, and many other activities according to your liking. However, we expect you to maintain the same level of code of conduct and discretion that we offer you.

    What Can I Expect From A Male Stripper’s Performance?

    We cater to your needs and requirements. You can expect exactly what you discuss with us before booking the package and customising it. So, if you choose a specific music type, dance routine, performance, or add or remove something, you can expect the same to reflect in the performance. A huge part of male stripper performances is audience interaction.

    Meet The Wildboys

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    Perform like the magnetic energy from the moon, I like to be surrounded by beauty

    • Height: 5.1
    • Eye Colour: Hazel
    • Hair: Dark
    • Star Sign: Cancer


    Energetic and charismatic by nature! Loves to performer and entertain!

    • Height: 5.8
    • Eye Colour: Blue
    • Hair: Blonde
    • Star Sign: Taurus


    Like I enjoy high Vibbing energies that can capture my imagination

    • Height: 6.2
    • Eye Colour: Blue
    • Hair: Brown
    • Star Sign: Cancer

    Paul Combs

    I love getting deep into a conversation that lights up the room

    • Height: 5.11
    • Eye Colour: Blue
    • Hair: Brown
    • Star Sign: Aries