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Hen’s nights are all about giving that perfect goodbye to your friend who’s about to become a bride. It marks the end of a bachelor’s era, which is why it is also known as a bachelorette party. However, it also marks the beginning of a new life as a bride. So before your girlfriend embarks on a bond that will last forever, you might want to throw her a memorable party that she will remember.

It’s understandable for you to feel under pressure, but it isn’t the time for you to give up. Here’s a roadmap for you to plan a perfect Hen’s night for a bride-to-be:

A Perfect Weekend Getaway

Whether you want to organise a hens night dinner or a hens lunch in Sydney, the essential part is that it needs to be on the weekend. A weekend is perfect for anyone to easily take a break. We have all dedicated the weekend as the time to blow off some steam and what better way than a wild weekend hen party?

Indeed, weekends are busy, and it can be challenging for you to book a venue or get a reservation. Therefore, you will have to begin planning early. Another great way is for you to consult a well-known company that can offer you the right dates and take over the planning for you. For example, Wildboy’s Afloat could assist you in planning hens night.

Choosing A Unique Theme

The second part of planning a perfect night to remember is a theme. Theme-based parties tend to be fun and memorable by themselves. However, you will have to consider the likes and dislikes of everyone. After carefully understanding everyone’s preferences, you can curate a perfect theme. But that can turn into a daunting task.

In most cases, Hen’s nights are all about the bride-to-be. You can focus on understanding her preferences. You could base the theme on her favourite TV show, movie, or book. It could be a fairytale experience or something else she really likes. This way everyone will be considerate enough to attend without judging the theme.

The Surprise Element

This is the key aspect of your entire Hen’s night party. All the wild Hen’s parties have one thing in common, the strippers. It is one of the most expected treats of a Hen’s night so you need to consider getting the perfect stripper. As a Hen’s party stripper is so expected, you might want to add a surprise element to it.

One of the best surprise elements would be to turn the simple Hen’s night into a Hen’s Party Cruise. A Hen’s Cruise initially means that you will have all the fun of a Hen’s party – the strippers, theme, booze, and food – with the addition of a cruise boat amplifying the fun and completing the experience.

If you hit the enquire now button for Hen’s Cruises and contact us on time, it is quite easy for you to reserve a weekend getaway. Moreover, it can be a perfect surprise and mix the theme aspects to give you the best of all worlds.

It’s All About Engaging Activities

Once you have a Hen’s Party Boat, the next step will be to decide the activities. Truth or Dare, Never Have I Ever, and other such games are old and can become quite boring or repetitive. You can add more engaging activities like games and performances. That’s where Hen’s Night Strippers will prove to be a valuable asset.

We will line up exciting and engaging performances and even host activities that the guests can participate in. If the bride-to-be wants to, she can also become part of the memorable Hen’s Boat Cruise and participate in various friendly activities. Don’t worry – These aren’t always adult or explicit. As Wildboy’s Afloat is a professional company, you can expect authentic tasteful entertainment and friendly behaviours without necessarily having strippers in a g-string.

Essential Transport Coordination

Once you decide to host a Hen’s Boat Cruise, transportation coordination becomes an integral part of making the most out of the Hen’s Cruise. Thankfully, if you hire a professional and well-known agency like Wildboys Afloat, we will coordinate the time, pickup and drop-off to suit your needs. However, you will have to reach the given boarding location by yourself.

People think that booking a limo is the way to go for the Hen’s nights. However, a party bus tends to be a better experience, especially for a Sydney Hen’s Cruise. You can enjoy the city streets before you arrive to board the Hen’s Cruise for a wild Hen’s night.

It’s All About Relaxation

Hen’s Nights or Bachelorette parties are all about relaxation at the end of the day. It is where a bride-to-be wants to go crazy, wild, and have fun, a blast as a bachelorette, before getting married. Worrying about people, transportation, right or wrong should be furthest from her mind. The same applies to all her friends, too.

Once you get a Hen’s Party Cruise booked and the package decided, you can leave everything to the company. You can relax and enjoy the boarding process, a 3 to 4-hour-long Wilboy’s Afloat Hen’s party hosted by strippers and performers. Participate in various activities, and at the end of it all, you will have a treasure trove of memories that will last a lifetime.

A Memorable Memento

After a wild Hen’s party, it is essential for the Hen’s Cruise to come to an end. But you won’t leave alone. You will have plenty of memories and a once-in-a-lifetime experience to remember. If you ever plan on it, you can have another Hen’s boat party or a simple Stripper Party on a Wildboy’s Afloat Cruise whenever you deem fit.

There will be photographs, videos and much more for you to take home if you plan on doing that. Hen’s Night Cruises are all about making the best of everything.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes A Male Stripper Boat Cruise A Unique Choice For A Hen’s Night?

Strippers are mostly expected at a Bachelorette or Hen’s Party. If you mix in a boat cruise, you are getting a unique experience where you will have the party of your life on a boat. Moreover, the boat cruise offers a scenic view of the city, where you can have a private party without outside disturbance.

Are There Different Performance Options Available For Our Hen’s Party?

There are many different performances offered by Hen’s Party Strippers. You can expect dance, acrobats, and a mix of the best performances. Often, you will find many engaging activities and enthralling options to make it a memorable venture.

How Can We Book Male Strippers Boat Cruise For Our Hen’s Night?

You can check out the contact details for the company, Wildboy’s Afloat, and there will be an option for you to talk to the administration or purchase a ticket for the group.

How Long Is The Typical Duration Of A Hen’s Night Cruise?

A Hen’s Night Cruise lasts around 3 to 4 hours. The entire show, from boarding on to boarding off, should take three and a half hours at max. It will cover all the performances and the drinks or food that is included in the package.